Morning: Opening the Shop

As I unlock the doors of Green Genie Cannabis in Dearborn, MI, the fresh morning air fills my lungs. It’s 8:30 AM, and I’m ready to start another exciting day serving our local cannabis community. After a quick sweep of the store and a final check of our product displays, we’re all set to welcome our first customers at 9 AM sharp.

Mid-Morning: Customer Service and Education

The morning rush begins around 10 AM. Today, I assist a first-time customer looking for relief from chronic pain. I take the time to explain different strains and consumption methods, ensuring they leave with a product that suits their needs. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love working at Green Genie Cannabis.

Afternoon: Inventory Management

After lunch, I spend some time managing our inventory. This includes:

  • Checking stock levels
  • Placing orders with suppliers
  • Updating our online menu

Keeping our shelves stocked with high-quality products is crucial for meeting the diverse needs of Dearborn’s cannabis enthusiasts.

Evening: Community Outreach

As the day winds down, I prepare for our weekly educational seminar. Tonight’s topic is “Understanding Terpenes and Their Effects.” These events are a great way to connect with our community and share valuable information about cannabis use and benefits.

Closing Thoughts

As I lock up the shop at 9 PM, I reflect on another fulfilling day at Green Genie Cannabis. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to cannabis, we’re here to provide top-notch products and education. If you’re in Dearborn, MI, and searching for “Cannabis Near Me,” look no further than Green Genie Cannabis. Stop in today and experience our commitment to quality and customer service firsthand!